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The Plot Hole – Episode 54

This week on The Plot Hole, Kieran, Simon, John and Steven will weigh in on if Snow White and the Huntsman is the fairest of them all and Steven brings us a review of Jack Black’s latest indie effort, Bernie.

Also on the docket is a discussion about the first full length trailer for The Bourne Legacy and the teaser trailer premier for Tom Hooper’s Les Miserables adaptation as well as an excited chat about the brand new The Dark Knight Rises footage from the MTV movie awards.

Our main feature (inspired by “Huntsman”) will be an open dialogue about which stars seem to be shouldered with carrying huge blockbusters but to mixed or no avail. Do these men and woman deserve to be put front and center? We weight in, this week, on The Plot Hole.

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Episode Guide

Iron Man 3 casting news – 2:52
Les Miserables trailer discussion – 16:28
The Dark Knight Rises MTV footage discussion – 16:27
The Bourne Legacy trailer discussion – 22:23
Snow White and the Huntsman review – 28:11
Bernie review – 43:31
Main feature: which “stars” actually deserve to be stars? – 51:34
Wrap-up/out next week – 1:15:34


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