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The Plot Hole – Episode 62

It’s a packed slate this week on The Plot Hole and at the forefront of it all the gang – Simon, Steven, Sam and John – has some juicy news on a bunch of big upcoming comic book adaptations.

First off is the interesting news that Fox may opt to give up some of their most famous villains in the Fantastic Four canon over to Marvel in exchange for an extension on their quickly diminishing timeframe to get another Daredevil film into production (though reports have since come out saying the studio might just give Daredevil back).

Next we switch over to the aforementioned Marvel Studios, who recently found the actor for its villain in Thor: The Dark World before going back over to Fox who have titled its ­X-Men: First Class sequel, which hints at some major plot points.

Then it’s trailer time as the first full clip of 007’s latest adventure Skyfall has hit along with an intriguing teaser for Kathryn Bigelow’s Middle Eastern Bin Laden thriller Zero Dark Thirty.

Last off, before Steven reviews Ruby Sparks for us, he also gives us the low-down on the Total Recall remake. The rest of the group then weighs in on other sci-fi remakes including the best, the worst and the ones we actually wouldn’t mind seeing.

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Episode Guide

Fantastic Four and Daredevil Movie News – 3:52
Thor: The Dark World Casting Discussion – 10:09
X-Men: First Class Sequel Discussion – 13:52
Skyfall Trailer Discussion – 18:18
Zero Dark Thirty Trailer Discussion – 23:37
Total Recall Review – 28:12
Sci-Fi Remake Discussion – 38:39
Ruby Sparks Review – 55:32
Wrap-Up/Out Next Week – 1:02:14


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