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The Plot Hole – Episode 63

This week on The Plot Hole  the dynamic duo of Steven and Simon chat up some superhero movie news, new trailers, review this week’s releases and – drum roll – introduce a new feature.

Before we get to reviews of both The Bourne Legacy and The Campaign, we take a look at which director has been attached to direct The Avengers 2 and who probably won’t be directing Warner Bros. long-proposed Justice League movie.

That leads us into our new segment “Damn You! Hell Yes!” in which we’ll take some breaking news or hot topics and passionately state: “damn you!” – person, studio, director, etc. – or “hell yes!” depending on how cynical we’re feeling that week.

We also discuss the Jack Ryan reboot, the new trailer for Red Dawn and Trouble with the Curve and chat the future of all things Bourne (be sure to answer our “Bourne Legacy” poll on Facebook).

Check it all out on our streaming podcast page or download all of our podcasts on iTunes and next week be sure to tune in for everything The Expendables 2.

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Episode Guide

Jack Ryan Reboot Discussion – 1:50
Red Dawn Trailer Discussion – 8:12
“Damn You! Hell Yes!” (The Avengers 2, Justice League, Trouble with the Curve) – 14:16
The Bourne Legacy Review/Discussion – 25:50
The Campaign Review – 46:00
Wrap-Up/Out Next Week – 56:38


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