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The Plot Hole – Episode 64

A group of aging mercenaries siege The Plot Hole this week with the arrival of The Expendables 2 and Kieran and Simon are here to bring you the action, along with the arrival of a new trivia segment.

Before we get to a review of The Expendables 2 we take a look at the odd news of an Annie remake with Willow Smith and Jay-Z involved – very odd indeed – and then it’s on to everything expendable with news of casting for The Expendables 3, the announcement of an all-female “Expendables” and a look at new trailers for The Last Stand and Bullet to the Head.

That leads us into our new trivia segment where this week Kieran and Simon test each other’s movie prowess with Expendable-related questions. It’s Britain vs. Canada in an epic battle of pointless question-asking.

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Episode Guide

Annie Remake Discussion – 2:55
The Last Stand Trailer Discussion – 6:18
Bullet to the Head Trailer Discussion – 8:40
All-Female Expendables News – 11:08
The Expendables 3 Casting News – 16:08
The Expendables Trivia – 25:00
The Expendables 2 Review – 31:57
Wrap-Up/Out Next Week – 45:51


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