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The Plot Hole – Episode 65

In the world of movies at least, summer is over and doldrums of fall are already upon us. This week on The Plot Hole, a foursome of movie-lovers – Max, Simon, John and Steven – will reminisce about a summer past and chat about the best, worst, most underrated and the biggest surprises of summer 2012 in our main feature.

We’ll first begin on a more solemn note as we fondly reminisce about the films of Tony Scott following his tragic death just last week before moving onto news which includes two comic book news tidbits regarding Guardians of the Galaxy and Justice League.

We’ll cap things off with three reviews. Steven will tell us about Hit & Run, which turned out to be a minor late-year surprise, Max will chat the mega-clunker that is The Apparition and finally John will review the highly praised, high-adrenaline flick Premium Rush.

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Episode Guide

A Memoriam to Director Tony Scott – 2:48
Guardians of the Galaxy News Discussion – 9:48
The Wachowski’s to Direct Justice League? – 14:38
The Best and Worst of Summer 2012 – 18:34
Hit & Run Review – 44:22
The Apparition Review – 50:39
Premium Rush Review – 56:00
Wrap-Up/Out Next Week – 1:01:01


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