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The Plot Hole – Episode 71

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It’s a jam-packed week of movie goodness on The Plot Hole as Steven, John and Simon cover everything from Oscar to trailers to this week’s new releases.

The Academy Awards race is already heating up and ahead of this year’s ceremony the host has been announced as Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane – a love it or hate it decision to be sure. Additionally, Grammy winner Adele has debuted her title track for Skyfall and we chat why it may already be out of the awards race.

Then it’s on to Trailer Bonanza! (and what a bonanza!). We chat trailers for the big-budget Disney endeavor The Line Ranger, John McClane’s return in A Good Day to Die Hard, ensemble comedy Movie 43, Jason Statham’s Parker, DreamWorks Animation’s The Croods and The Guilt Trip starring Seth Rogen.

Now two weeks since its release, we feel like enough of you fine folks have be able to head out and see Looper, so we go the spoiler route and discuss the ending, the philosophy and the time travel aspects of Rian Johnson’s sci-fi flick.

We’ll cap things off with reviews for action sequel Taken 2, Tim Burton’s black-and-white stop motion film Frankenweenie and finally found footage anthology V/H/S/. Steven will even have a tease of dark comedy Seven Psychopaths which hits theaters next weekend.

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Episode Guide 

Seth MacFarlane to Host the Oscars – 3:39
Discussion of Adele’s Skyfall Track – 9:55
Trailer Bonanza – 17:41
            The Lone Ranger – 17:58
            A Good Day to Die Hard – 22:30
            Movie 43 – 25:53
            Parker – 29:03
           The Croods – 32:26
           The Guilt Trip – 33:55
Looper Spoiler Discussion – 35:20
Taken 2 Review – 50:00
Frankenweenie Review – 57:59
V/H/S/ Review – 1:03:25
Wrap-Up/Out Next Week – 1:06:13


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