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The Plot Hole – Episode 73

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It’s that Halloween-ey time of year and we will certainly give a nod to the holiday this week on The Plot Hole as we pick some scary movies for people who, well, don’t like scary movies. That’s far from it this week however, as a lucky Kieran also brings us an early review of 007’s latest outing, Skyfall.

We’ll start things off with a discussion on some of the latest movie news including the trailer for Iron Man 3, the nugget that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be reprising his role as Conan in The Legend of Conan and that Mathew Vaughn has left X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Also on the docket is our new feature called Fill That Hole, where we, the fans, cast actors and choose directors for upcoming films. This go-around we tackle the aforementioned X-Men sequel, the upcoming Assassin’s Creed adaptation and the struggling Justice League film.

Check it all out on our iTunes page and on our podcast page in the near future as we finish up our new site. Next week, be sure to tune in for our November movie preview.

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Episode Guide 

Iron Man 3 Trailer Discussion – 4:50
Arnold Schwarzenegger Returning to Conan – 12:06
X-Men: Days of Future Past News – 17:17
Fill That Hole – 22:22
- Who should direct X-Men: Days of Future Past? – 22:40
            - Who should direct Assassin’s Creed? – 28:16
            - Casting the Justice League Movie – 33:26
Halloween Special: Scary Movies for People Who Don’t Like Scary Movies – 39:00
Skyfall Review – 49:00
Wrap-Up/Out Next Week – 54:48


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