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The Plot Hole: Episode 83 – Super Bowl Spots and Zombie Movie Thoughts

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The Super Bowl may be mostly about the game, but us movie nerds also look to the movie trailers that populate the commercial time, and we chat all about that this week. Iron Man 3, Fast and Furious 6 – it’s all there.

Also, we review zom-rom-com Warm Bodies and talk the zombie genre, why we love it, where it’s headed, and why it’s persisted for so long as a sub-genre of horror.

And last but not least, we provide our thoughts on the geriatric gangster comedy Stand Up Guys with Al Pacino and Christopher Walken.

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Episode Guide 

Directors Guild Award Winner Discussion – 3:49
Super Bowl Movie Trailer Round-up – 7:20
Warm Bodies Review – 24:07
Everything Zombie Films – 30:15
Stand Up Guys Review – 45:18
Wrap-Up/Out Next Week – 52:16


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