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The Plot Hole: Episode 87 – Modern Fantasy Spins: How Great and Powerful?

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The first bonafied blockbuster of 2013 is here in the form of Oz the Great and Powerful, and this week The Plot Hole has the review, as well as a discussion on the future (and track record) of these big budget fantasy reimaginings.

We’ll kick things off, however, with some juicy (though rather unfounded) rumours as to who the director of the next James Bond instalment will be, chat the trailer for The Hangover Part III and discuss some promising buzz coming out of this year’s SXSW Film Festival.

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Episode Guide

Bond 24 Director Rumours – 1:50
The Hangover Part III Trailer Discussion – 8:34
SXSW Film Festival Coverage – 13:15
Oz the Great and Powerful Review – 21:50
The Future of Big Budget Fantasy – 29:11
Wrap-up/Out Next Week – 36:40


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