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The Plot Hole: Episode 88 – The Kickstarter Trend and an Indie Twist for ‘Jurassic Park IV’

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Spring has sprung and so has a slew of movie news and new wide releases and this week on The Plot Hole we’ve got three reviews for latter: animated DreamWorks offering The Croods, actionier Olympus Has Fallen and an early look at British crime thriller Welcome to the Punch.

We’ll start off however with some troubling news from the set of an interesting project Jane Got a Gun with Natalie Portman and then discuss the international trailer for the hotly anticipated blockbuster Star Trek Into Darkness.

Also making headlines is the Kickstarter campaign for a Veronica Mars movie so we’ll chat the possibilities that lie beyond that project and also talk the growing trend of independent directors joining big budget projects which, most recently, was Jurassic Park IV

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Episode Guide 

Jane Got a Gun Movie News – 2:09
Star Trek Into Darkness International Trailer Discussion – 7:14
The Veronica Mars Kickstarter Campaign: A Potential Game-Changer – 10:50
The Growing Trend of Indie Directors for Blockbuster Projects – 19:23
The Croods Review – 26:04
Welcome to the Punch Review – 32:25
Olympus Has Fallen Review – 40:23
Wrap-up/Out Next Week – 46:48


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