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The Plot Hole – The Dark Knight Rises Edition

The Dark Knight Rises, arguably the biggest movie of the year, is here. In fact, it’s so big that a single podcast couldn’t contain it. This week on The Plot Hole, the gang – Sam, Kieran, Simon and Steven – talk everything Batman in a two-parter nearly as epic as the film itself.

In the first half, you can find our discussion on the two teaser trailers for Man of Steel (one of which would have been attached to your screening of The Dark Knight Rises) before going into a spoiler-free look at Christopher Nolan’s three-quel.

Then, in the second half, the spoilers flow freely as we chat deaths, twists, character motives the ending and what the future holds for Batman. You’ve been warned, but frankly if you haven’t seen The Dark Knight Rises yet why are you even here?

Check it all out on our streaming podcast page http://www.playeraffinity.com/podcast.html and be sure to check us out next week.

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Episode Guide

Part 1
A Word About the Aurora, Colorado Shooting – 1:42
Man of Steel trailer discussion – 4:14
The Dark Knight Rises spoiler-free discussion – 14:00

Part 2
The Dark Knight Rises discussion continued *spoilers* – 0:15
Wrap-up/Out Next Week – 1:03:27


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