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The Walking Dead Game(s) Get(s) Release Date

A while back, it was announced that the hit TV Series The Walking Dead would be getting a series of games.  This news probably came as no surprise, as the content in The Walking Dead lends itself very well to a video game format, and due to the developer being Telltale games, it makes sense that the content would most likely be episodic.  Well, not too long ago, more details about The Walking Dead were revealed, and it turns out that The Walking Dead will be much more accessible than some of the previous Telltale games, and the first out of five episodes may be releasing sooner than you think.

While an exact date has not been set in stone yet, the first of a five episode format will be coming out on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, Mac, and iOS sometime in April, and the next episodes are set to follow regularly after that.  Those who remember the last Telltale game that was released on consoles (Jurassic Park: The Game) may be fretting, because the release and quality of that game was less than ideal, but do you think that Telltale can do well with a genre that some may consider to be quite used up at this point?  Will the gameplay and storytelling be easily accessible to fans of the show that may not be the biggest gamers?  Tune in April, when episode 1 releases to find out.   


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