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The Worst Books to Come Out of The New 52

DC rebooted their universe with The New 52 and have done a lot of quality work. Swamp Thing and a few of the Batman titles are all great reads.

But it can't all be a great time in DC town. No, there have been some mistakes along the way. And here are three mistakes that stick out amongst the most grevious:


Suicide Squad is an awesome concept with a simple, yet effective, set up. Super Criminals who are forced to go on suicide missions in exchange for reduced sentences. It's been on a Justice League cartoon, so you know. Quality.

Suicide Squad

I'm not sure what went wrong here. It's not the worst thing to happen to comics since the Comics Code, but it's not special. It's just... exists. It might be worst than being terrible, its just bluuuaaaaagh mediocre. Nothing too special happens, nothing. It's literally just Waller going "go here," and they do, something goes wrong, and then they fight their way out. It never really builds to anything, nothing really comes out of it. A few events seem to be leading to something, like King Shark eating Yo Yo, but just like anything else, it just levels out.

It has been mentioned before, but the biggest knock is probably the redesign of two beloved female characters.

One, Amanda Waller. She was originally a short, heavy set woman who didn't take shit from anyone. She went toe-to-toe mentally with Batman and held her own. She's was a hardass. A totally unique and independent character in comics. She was rebooted:

New Waller

I'm not sure what the idea here was. Maybe to set them apart from the old DC? It's not that it's bad that she's thin, but it takes something away from her character. She was unlike pretty much every other comic book woman, but now she's much more generic. And in a comic that's already this generic that's a pretty bad choice.

Oh and here's the new Harley Quinn:

New Harley

I liked the original Harley design and I didn't mind all the redesigns, like her costumes in the Arkham games, but this seems so blatant in its attempt at "hot clown girl" that it's almost laughable. Plus, I don't think the design works. The frilly collar and little cape are dumb, especially paired with a bustier, pigtails, gun belt, and short short short shorts. It's like someone's fetishes exploded all over a sexy Shakespeare in the Park player.

Teen Titans:

As I've said in my review, I've been a fan of the Teen Titans title for a while. It makes the New 52 book hurt that much more.

New Teen TitansEdgy!

The book's not good, not really at all. The characters are weak, the plot is clunky, and the dialogue is a pan of grease water. I kept hoping it would get better, but it never did. The more the book progressed, the more the writing began to fall apart.

When Robin became evil for no reason, I decided to call it a day and just check back in a few years.


Rob Liefeld and the kind of writing that gets you cancelled after eight issues.

Hawk and Dove CoverThat seems about right

Lets just say I read a little of the first issue, gently put it in a box, buried it in the yard, and planted a mighty oak above it, forever imprisoning it in the silent Earth.


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