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There’s Going to be a Paula Deen Comic Book


Paula Deen, butter fan, celebrity cook, and reported racist, is getting a comic book. No, you didn't wake up in some strange elseworld where we make comics out of slightly noteworthy celebrities who become brief news items. This is still the Earth you knew... or thought you knew.

Hey, this is the real cover:


Look into those dead eyes. Can you feel your mind melting into buttery madness? Bluewater Productions is launching the biographical graphic novel as a part of their Female Force series that documents the rise of noteworthy women such as Michelle Obama,  Hillary Clinton, Sonia Sotomayor, J.K. Rowling, and obviously Angelina Jolie. So stop your eye rolling, it makes perfect sense. What's more inspiring than a lady becoming a celebrity chef? Secretary of the State? Get it out.... I SAID GET OUT.

It's not all bonkers, however, as the comic donates 25 percent of the proceeds to a charity of th subject's choosing. I'm not sure what charity Paula would choose, but she should get the benefit of the doubt. The Butter the Homeless Foundation sounds like an upstanding organization.

To answer the question ham being thrown in Bluewater's face, this comic was written before the news of Paula's past prejudice came out. They won't ignore it, but it won't be the comic's central theme. "We're not going to flambé her," Bluewater's president said, assumedly to the uproarious laughter that comes with food puns,  "the majority of the comic book will focus on how she became an iconic brand, the challenges of her humble beginnings and the results of bursting certain stereotypes."

While no specific date has been set, expect the comic in the fall. Get it to complete your Female Force collection or to bewilder those relatives you hate this Christmas (or Hanukkah, I mean, what are we? A bunch of Paula Deens?).


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