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Thomas Kretschmann will be in multiple Marvel films

It was announced a while ago that German actor Thomas Kretschmann shall be playing Baron Wolfgang von Strucker in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Now a report from SlashFilm is stating that Kretschmann shall be inhabiting the character for a multi-picture deal. While there's no report of him showing up in Captain America: The Winter Soldier or how exactly many films that Kretschmann will be a part of, the fact of the matter is that Marvel Studios is making sure that they utilize their characters well.   Thomas Kretschmann_01   While the very first time we'd heard about multiple film roles in the Marvel movies, was when they had announced that Samuel L. Jackson was signed on for 8 films. Now, its become commonplace for Marvel Studios to contract their actors for both cameos and major appearances. The question now is, will Strucker make his appearance early in Captain America: The Winter Soldier or will he play a major role in Phase 3 of Marvel's comic book spectacles?


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