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Thor: The Dark World Easter Eggs

Thor: The Dark World opened this weekend and since the first one had such well placed comic book Easter Eggs (the Infinity Gauntlet, a Fear Itself tie-in) I figured there would be more in its sequels. 

So I snuck in my rad Machine Man notepad and here's what I found (Warning ye travlers: Thar be Major Spoilers beyond here).

Saturians... or Korg?


In the first act, Thor and the Warriors Three (and Sif too!) are beating the crap out of some weird Nine Realms marauders when a giant stone monster comes to kill some Asgardians. If you haven't seen the movie, it's in all the trailers. You know what I'm talking about, come on. Moving on.

At first, the obvious choice is Korg, the alien warrior prominently featured in the World War Hulk story line. The features are similar -- the long head, Thing-like body. and gladitorial garb. Honestly, it's probably not Korg himself, but a member of his species. A big member. Like the Shaq of Korgs.

Athough, also of note, it could just as well be a reference to the Saturians -- the aliens from Saturn -- that invaded Earth in Journey into Mystery #83, the first appeareance of Thor. Similar appearance (big head, rock-like features), but other than that they really don't look that much alike. People from Saturn also seem to be exhibitionists and enjoy walking around naked.

Saturians"The cool breeze... feels so good on my skin..."


When fighting Kurse on the Dark World, Loki is gravely wounded. In a last, desperate attempt to fight off the monsters he strikes out screaming "I'll see you in Hel"

Yes, Hel not Hell. The Asgardian underworld, the realm of Hela (the lady up there with the Kirby-ian headdress), a kind of sexy, no nonsense Super Devil. Hel has been used many times as a setting for Thor comics and has had a major role in the character's life.

Of course, it could be that Loki made a quick conversion to Christianity at some point, but somehow I think it's more of a reference. 

The Infinity... uh, Stones

Infinity Gems

While spittin' mad exposition in his library Odin makes an offhand remark about relics that predate the universe saying,  "they are usually stones." At first I didn't pay much attention, but it was during the mid-credit sequence where -- REMINDER: SPOILER -- there is mention of Infinity Stones that I made the connection.

The reason I was thrown off the trail is because, in the comics, they've been more commonly referred to as The Infinity Gems. The Gems, by themselves, are items of immense power that control a specific aspect of the universe. Together, however, they create The Inifinity Gauntlet, an item that grants the wearer power over all of creation.

It seems they're setting up the Infinity Gauntlet, which could be the mcguffin for Guardians of the Galaxy.

Journey into Mystery

There is a poster, in the early London scenes, that the camera lingers on. Written on it are the words "Live the Journey, Explore the Mystery", with the font and coloring clearing acting a nod to Journey into Mystery, the aforementioned comic Thor debuted in.


So there you have it! The big Easter Eggs in Thor: The Darkworld. Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments below.


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