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Three Actors Confirmed to Return to American Horror Story

Well folks, as the second season to the popular FX anthology series "American Horror Story" comes to a close, more details about next season are beginning to surface along with which former cast members will be returning. Jessica Lange has been confirmed for a couple of months now (thank god), and on Thursday January 17th, it was confirmed that Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson will be returning as well! This will mark all three cast members third season with the show. When asked about details regarding next season, creator Ryan Murphy says that the show will take place in modern times, have a funnier tone than the current season and will be "historical in nature". 

Peters will play a "sobbing psycopath" and Lange will play a "glamour cat leading lady", with more funny moments like Constance had in Season 1. Murphy also says there will be more old faces from previous seasons in the upcoming one, as well as a list of actors Lange has said she wanted to work with. Theme-wise, Ryan Murphy has said that Season 3 will focus on "female power", and that the iconic killer of the season will indeed be a female. If they market it in the same way they did last year, we should be expecting a teaser poster with the location of the new season within the next couple of months, so keep your eyes peeled for that. For now, we can look forward to what is sure to be an explosive and bloody conclusion to the second season of "American Horror Story" and bide our time until October when the show returns.


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