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Three Properties IDW Needs to Turn Into Comics

IDW Publishing puts out a lot of comics based on preexisting licenses. Everything from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Transformers to My Little Pony gets the IDW treatment. In the comic book medium such properties are free of budget and heavy executive oversight, meaning freedom to experiment and go all out. All in all, they're pretty great exercises in expanding a universe's scope.   With that in mind, here are three properties I'd love to see as an IDW comic.  

The Matrix

    Yeah, The Matrix already had a series of short comics written by a multitude of writers from Neil Gaiman to the Wachowski siblings themselves.   But imagine a comic series following the crew of another ship set before the events of the first film. It's not exactly unbroken territory, sure, but most of the magic of The Matrix universe is the seemingly endless amount of stories you could tell in it.   Not only that, but the whole mind-bending nature of the universe would lend itself perfectly to the comic medium. Everything: the settings, the fights, the special effects, they're are all limited only by the imagination. That gets me excited. I want to read The Matrix comic series. It would be amazing.  

American Gods

    Neil Gaiman's American Gods combines old world mythology with folksy Americana. It's an interesting universe that feels barely explored in the book.   But if there was an ongoing IDW series that centered on, perhaps, one of the new gods and was able to explore the universe more, there'd be tons of potential there. Something like Preacher, you know traveling around America getting into all kinds of scrapes, but set in the world and the tone of American Gods.   However, to be fair, it'd have to compete with the likes of Fables and such, but I think with the combination of Gaiman's name (Neil Gaiman's AMERICAN GODS #1 in stores now!) and the unique world would more than set it apart.  

Pacific Rim

  Pacific-Rim1 Guillermo del Toro's Big Robots fighting Kaiju movie struggled to find footing at first, but it seems to be getting a sequel. Again yes, they had a limited prequel comic, but hear me out: how cool would an ongoing series with IDW be?   Yes, I understand that they "closed the Rift" at the end of the movie, but if we're getting a sequel something has to happen. At the very least, you could set it during the time before they built the wall. Or make it a lead up to Pacific Rim 2, look, I'm not picky, Guillermo (of the bull).   The comic could simply center around a country, or city, and their Jaeger team. Different Kaiju, different fights, and interpersonal problems. There's a lot of potential there! And again, free of budgetary constraints the fights have literally no limits. Destroy a city, destroy a mountain, it doesn't matter. The Kaiju can be several varieties of strange and imposing, it's all up for grabs.   But what about you? What properties would you love to see as an IDW comic?  


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