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Three Times the Marvel Universe Was More Divided Than We Are

Yeesh. You guys. It's getting pretty heated out there. Let's put politics aside, I'm not going to touch that hornet's nest. Instead, I thought I could try to make us all feel a little better. I don't know about you, but nothing makes me feel better than looking at examples of things in a worse position. So here are three times the Marvel universe became much more divided that we could ever imagine. [caption id="attachment_90562" align="aligncenter" width="655"]swimsuit-special Dark days like these... dark days[/caption]

Civil War

Things got real hot in the Marvel Universe in the early 2000s when a tragic mass murder set off a series of crazy events that eventually turned into a full-on Super Civil War. The heroes, the villains, even the gross regulars were all fighting each other over ideological differences. What do we have right now? Protests? Riots? Recanted promises? This is nothing compared to Marvel's Civil War storyline. That had secret prisons, authoritarian super-spy organizations, supervillain hit-squads, and some heavy-handed moral preaching. It had everything! marvel-civil-war-1

Secret Invasion

Shortly after Civil War things were looking up for the universe. I guess, it was still kind of in ruins. Anyway, turns out the Skrulls infiltrated the superhero community (they're shapeshifters, it's what they do) and sprang a planetary invasion on the Marvel gang. Caught unawares, the heroes were splintered, regarding each other with suspicion and paranoia. Not that watered down paranoia we use on each other, I'm talking "is my best friend really a space monster who justĀ believesĀ he's my friend and really wants enslave us" paranoia. secret-invasion

Secret Wars 2015

SW Map.jpg So the universe exploded. Alright, that's a bad start, but my man Dr. Doom pulls it all back together in a mish-mash of the former multiverse where he rules like a god. God Emperor Doom. This obviously doesn't work out, and things begin to backslide... badly. Not only are these guys divided ideologically, but they're divided physically. As in borders and walls. You think things are going bad now? Imagine living in a feudal kingdom with the most powerful houses being insane villains, beset on all sides by zombies, robots, and monsters from the Negative Zone, all under the gaze of an all-powerful tyrant.   Feel better? Could the Marvel universe get any more divided? Let me know in the comments below.


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