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Three Tiny Things Rebirth Needs to Bring Back

DC is... restarting? Rebirthing? Ech, gross. DC is doing some fine tuning to the universe. Again. It's bringing things back, things you loved, and just kinda forgetting about the things you hated. Like that Hawk and Dove book! Sweet! And their version of Supergirl! Whoa! There are, now I guess I don't know, but I'm sure there are thousands of articles out there about bringing back these main arcs and finishing these certain threads. This isn't one of them. No, in here we're going to talk about three little changes DC can make in their rebirthing. Bleck. DC-Rebirth

Please get rid of those suit lines, cripes

What was the idea behind this? I don't even think this is subjective, I think the suits look objectively worse. They're so busy. It makes no sense. Is it armor? Is it some kind of new-fangled tech-spandex?  Look at all these guys from the beginning of the New 52: new52 I understand there's going be a transition period, something like two years, so you still have plenty of time to phase it in. It's not like you don't know. I mean, you started doing it. Look at the new Superman and  Nightwing : superman2  nightwing                         But it's still half measures. Look at Batman, Raven, Beast Boy, New Flash: raven2 batman2 wwflashbeastboy

Keep your events to yourself

I've recently read back over Grant Morrison's JLA and one of the best things I've noticed is that the events in the book are self contained. I don't have to hunt for other books, I don't need to feverishly research the perfect reading order. It's all contained in the volumes. DC -- well the Big Two in general -- don't do this any more. Can the Justice League get through one event without it spilling out into a multi-title event? Hopefully, with Rebirth, we can get back to a time when Earth shattering events happen within their own books. Snyder's Batman got close a few times, but Death of the Family and Court of Owls spilled over into all forty-six Bat-Family books. I get that it's a money thing, but in the long run it hurts their readability. Twenty years from now when someone wants to read a certain event or someone's run, are they going to go further than "here are the eighteen different books you'll need to buy..."? I don't think so. I wouldn't. You shouldn't expect so either, DC [caption id="attachment_84376" align="aligncenter" width="362"]Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 10.55.19 PM The first nine issues of a 64 issue, multi-title arc[/caption]

More heart

It's deceptively small. In a similar vein as the one above, when I was reading Morrison's run I came to a revelation. Something that was missing from the current DC atmosphere. That JLA felt like a group of friends with a history and legacy. It was like family, in a corny way. In the Nu52, there was a strange coldness to it. Maybe because I was around when they were "made", I could never shake the feeling of MARKETING PLOY flashing in neon letters at the back of my mind. People acted in facsimile to how they "should", except when they 100% didn't. It was a charade. I'm not sure how you bring this back. It's so down to the writer. It helps when you stop "starting over". When this Batman has been around the block a few times, when new heroes are in awe of Superman, when we get brand new threats instead of re-imagined ones. You've got to mean it, DC, it's your thing. Show us the heroes we want to be. Show us our family.


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