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Three Titles to Replace Tom King’s Vision

Tom King's The Vision is probably one of the best books Marvel has put out in over a decade. Better than most of the things the Big Two has put out. Even stands up to most comics in general. It's a really awesome take on an otherwise underutilized character. I've written more on it if you want a more in-depth look at it. But it's over now. Done. It left a real hole behind, one that Marvel doesn't seem to want to be filled anytime soon. So in the spirit of fandom, I've put together three suggestions for comics in need of the same kind of revitalization. Titles that I think could fill the hole King left behind. vision-yo


The Runaways title is one of my favorites. A few volumes after its creation, the book kind of faded away. The characters are still out there, on various teams. One of them, Victor, even showed up in King's The Vision with interesting results! The title had a brief reboot during 2016's Secret Wars, but it barely lived up to its predecessor. I think the title needs another go, one that speaks to the millennial generation. The first run was a handful of coming-of-age stories compressed between vampire battles and dealing with ancient gods. And time travel. Another volume, a new volume, could be an examination of coming into your own in the Internet age. How can someone runaway when we're so interconnected? A new cast of characters, a new set of villains, a new pressure to run away. Marvel is always trying to fill legacy spots with younger characters, but this is the perfect opportunity to introduce a whole bunch of new, young characters with brand recognition without making new legacies. Plus swears. [caption id="attachment_90809" align="aligncenter" width="395"]S-sort of? S-sort of?[/caption]


Thanos is real hot right now, you guys. They're trying to ramp his recognition for the upcoming MCU Infinity War. There's no better way to explore the Mad Titan than with his brother Starfox! Actually, do you think there's a licensing issue with the video game one? Let's just assume no. But wait a minute, Marvel basically turned Star Lord into Starfox. Won't they be the same book? I think an interesting way to revitalize the Starfox brand is to have it be a sobering look at an intergalactic womanizer/playboy (who's probably hunting his brother). We've seen him struggle with accusations of sexual assault -- he can control people's emotions, by the way, forgot to mention -- but there's more to uncover. How lonely it can be, how he can no longer form real relationships, how he balances being related to a genocidal maniac. [caption id="attachment_90808" align="aligncenter" width="736"]starfox-1 There will more drama than this, usually[/caption]

The Thing Team-Ups

At one time Marvel's thing was team-ups. It had them all the time. What people seemed to want the most was the Fantastic Four's ever loving, blue-eyed Thing bumming around the Marvel universe teaming up with everyone. Seriously, there are so many Marvel Two-In-Ones that feature the Thing. Now that the FF are, again, scattered to the wind, let's bring that back. The Thing has so much conflict packed-in that it's almost too easy. Unlike the originals, this book has an over-arcing story, probably something about The Thing traveling around trying to find who he is outside Marvel's First Family. Scaring kids. Stopping racism. Breaking his fork trying to eat pie. Then, every issue, his journey finds him teaming up with one character or another. While the original team-ups were simple sales gimmicks, this could be a look at the greater Marvel universe. The Thing is a holdover from a simpler time. He just punches aliens and robots, whatever comes through Reed's portals. Wherever he ends up, could be an examination of how things have changed. How everyone's Spider-Man these days, how every villain needs to be a psychotic murderer, maybe even how hardly anyone seems scared of super people anymore. Like your crotchety street-tough uncle traveling around from comic  to comic. [caption id="attachment_90807" align="aligncenter" width="356"]marvel-two-in-one-annual-7 Sometimes entering into actual sporting contests[/caption] Are there any titles you'd want to replace The Vision? Let me know in the comments below.


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