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Titanfall’s Sixth Game Update Detailed

Respawn is still working on Titanfall even though they have recently said that they're moving on to future projects. Today they announced details on their next update, which is likely is going to come out alongside the PMC Rising DLC. The biggest addition is a new mode called Pilot Skirmish. Fans have been requesting for a pilots-only mode ever since the game came out, but they finally got their wish. Pilot Skirmish is 8v8 with no grunts, spectres and titans. This new mode will be on a separate playlist and won't join the variety pack playlists due to the player count.

Marked for Death has been a success for Titanfall according to Respawn to the point it will be staying as its own playlist. The Black Market that came out alongside the Frontier's Edge maps will also have new daily deals on rare, specific burn cards in the new update. A new rare burn card called Roll the Dice will also be out, which allows you to access your entire deck. Burn cards will also have an autofill option as well. Respawn will also no longer penalize players whenever they join a game late.
Other additions in the upcoming update include improved matchmaking, which I hope they get right this time around, and minor bug fixes for the Xbox One and PC versions.
Respawn still hasn't announced a release date for the PMC Rising DLC and the sixth game update for Titanfall, but I'm assuming they will say something at PAX Prime this weekend.


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