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Tokyo Jungle Coming to US PSN on September

Sony announced today that they are finally bringing their Japan studio's Tokyo Jungle to US audiences on September 25. This has been out at Japan for a while now, but it is finally coming here and downloadable from the Playstation Store as a PSN title. In Tokyo Jungle, there are no more humans in the world and only animals are left trying to survive at a post-apocalyptic Tokyo. It is all about survival as there are over 50 animals playable in the game ranging from monkeys, kangaroos, lions, giraffes, and many more. The story mode consists of playing as different animals and finding out why mankind disappeared. Survival mode is a little different where you have to capture territories by hunting other animals while producing offspring and preventing extinction. More animals and costumes are unlockable as you play this mode.

Sony is no stranger to releasing games with animals as the main stars like this and Afrika a couple years back. A mature rated action-adventure with only animals living in an urbanized environment is a crazy premise when you first hear about this game. Its been successful at Japan since its release and people have been importing it, but for those that have been waiting for a proper US release can wait no longer. Tokyo Jungle comes out on September 25 only on the Playstation 3 for $15 dollars.


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