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Tomb Raider Now Delayed to Q1 2013

Another big game will miss its 2012 release window as Square-Enix and Eidos's Tomb Raider reboot is now delayed to the first quarter of 2013. Developer Crystal Dynamics announced the delay on their official blog as they need more development time to finish the game and polish it to satisfy fans that have been waiting for Lara Croft to return to the gaming spotlight. Even though there has not been much revealed since last year's E3, the game will be at this year's show in some form. It will be interesting to see if any significant changes have been made to this reboot since it was last shown. I doubt it is going to make an appearance in either Microsoft or Sony's E3 press conferences next month since it was demoed during Microsoft's last year, but I could be wrong if they are showcasing a different level. Along with BioShock Infinite recently getting delayed, the first quarter of 2013 is getting more crowded in terms of big game releases, and I won't be surprised if more big games miss their original fall 2012 release window. We will see if avoiding the holiday stretch is going to be worth it for Tomb Raider as it is comes out early next year for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.


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