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Tomb Raider Will Have No Demo & Online/Season Pass

Crystal Dynamics have confirmed today that Lara Croft’s latest adventure will not be getting a demo outing.

The news came after Karl Stewart, the global brand director for Tomb Raider, tweeted, “For all those ‪@tombraider‬‬ fans asking. There are no plans to release a demo of the game pre-launch. We don't want to spoil the story...”

Stewart also said, “We've weaved such an personal story we don't believe spoiling it by having you wait a week or so to play on, delivers on our promise."

The developers have also confirmed that even though the final game will include a multiplayer option, there are no online or season passes that come with the game.

Scheduled for a March release, this will be the fifth title to be developed by Crystal Dynamics. Their latest offering however will not be a continuation of previous titles.

Marking a reboot for the series, the new Tomb Raider will instead be looking to the past, focusing on the transformation of Lara Croft from timid young woman into the badass heroine that we know and love today.

So, is this a good decision by Crystal Dynamics? Would you rather see Lara in action before March or do you want to be surprised come release day? Also, what do you make of the game's lack of online and season passes? Is this a sign of things to come where less games will have those passes this year? Share your thoughts with us down below.


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