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Toni Collette Cast in New CBS Pilot from Jerry Bruckheimer

Toni Collette, known to most avid TV watchers as Tara (and all of her other personalities) in Showtime's "United States of Tara", has just been cast in a new pilot that CBS has greenlit called, "Hostages". She won a Golden Globe and an Emmy for "Tara", so if you're not familiar with her, know that we're in good hands. The show is going to be about Collette's character who is a surgeon named Ellen in Washington, D.C. who after being chosen to operate on the President of the United States is thrown into a conspiracy and her family is taken Hostage.

This sounds like if it's well done and has a sense of longevity to it, that it could do very well. In the era of "Homeland" and "Zero Dark Thirty", it's time the networks hop on board with a show like this. "Hostages" will be produced by the famous Jerry Bruckheimer and the pilot will be directed by Jeffery Nachmanoff who wrote "The Day After Tomorrow". He also adapted the pilot from a show that was meant to be developed in Isreal but never happened. It will be exciting to hear more details about this one soon!


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