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Top Football Playing Characters

It's The Big Game! Can we say its name? You know the one, the S-word. The one with football. Not soccer, American football. To celebrate this arbitrary holiday, let's have a totally not arbitrary list of comic book characters who also happen to be have been related to football! Did you see Cold Play? What about that one play? And that touchdown! Pass! Anyway. [caption id="attachment_79881" align="aligncenter" width="297"]fb-comic These don't count[/caption]


Victor Stone was a football prodigy before a lab accident/alien invasion mangled him just... so much. To save his life, his father grafted on bleeding edge technology, turning him into both a cyborg and the Cyborg. From there he goes on to join the Teen Titans and even the Justice League. His football career is over at this point, though. Lets see. What else football related. I might have bit off off more than I can chew with this theme. Like the other options, most incarnations have Cyborg playing football. Even the Nu52 Cyborg was a high school football star! That's... something. cyborg football

Booster Gold

Booster Gold, the cocky hot-shot hero from the future! He was a washed-up football star in what I believe to be the future's NFL, which is pretty topical. He's flashy and, as I said, cocky, but with a heart of gold! And really, isn't that everything you want in a futuristic professional athlete. He did not play football upon entering his past, our present. So, I guess, really thinking about it, there's not a lot of football-related stuff to get into with Booster Gold. He was pretty good friends with Ted Kord Blue Beetle, who was not a football player. Right? Let me take a look. No, not really. It says here he was a gifted athlete, so maybe he did play it once? football-booster

Ted Kord Blue Beetle

According to my research, it's a definite possibility that he probably played football in his life. I'll count it. ted-kord


In the New 52 Ronnie Reynolds is a high school senior and star football player. If you remember, that's pretty close to Cyborg. Not saying that they've run out of cliches, or that there's only two kinds of high schoolers that DC uses and that's one of them, but I think the evidence speaks for itself. Anyway, when he fuses with Professor Martin Stein and becomes a man made of nuclear fire, they shifted away from his football career (just like Cyborg, by the way). So, okay, not a lot of football here. Damn. But it was a big part of the character, so he definitely belongs on this list. Here's a picture: firestorm So did I miss any football playing comic characters? I doubt it, but on the off chance I did, please let me know.


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