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Top Ten Best Comic Book Covers of 2013

There have been some pretty good covers this issue and while there wasn’t a lot as “wow”-worthy as previous years’ lists, here are my picks for the top ten comic book covers of 2013. I always keep it to one issue per series and usually try to only have one cover per cover artist on the list with some exceptions.  

10. X #0 (Raymond Swanland)

   X #0   The cover has a very grey tone that fits the dark and dreary mood of the comic. Our protagonist, X, is portrayed well on the cover. He has a gun pointed to a guy’s head and the cape billowing behind him makes him seem grand in scale.  

9. Batman: Arkham Unhinged #19 (Christopher Mitten)


Batman Arkham Unhinged #19

  The colors are what is mostly attractive about this simplistic and stylish comic book cover. The blue, pink and white work surprisingly well together and the spirals made by Selina’s whip make fun to look at twists that emphasis Catwoman’s flexibility – for once, in a good way. Catwoman #0 and Detective Comics #27 could learn a thing or two about how to portray Catwoman from this.  

8. Batgirl #16 (Ed Benes & Ulises Arreola)


Batgirl #16

  While all the “Death of the Family” covers were great (unlike their practically identically die-cut counterparts), I was able to decide on the cover I liked best. I chose Batgirl #16 because of her sinister smile and a background that despite being colored just one purple, it still manages to add to the menacing feel. Too bad I can’t pick more than one issue per series because Alex Garner has made some awesome Batgirl covers as well, but I will give another honorable mention to Batgirl #24.  

7. Batwoman #23 (JH Williams III)


Batwoman #23

  JH Williams III does a great job on all of his Batwoman covers but this one won by a long shot. His collage of images goes so well together. He does a fantastic job showing Kate’s acid trip by using dark imagery like skulls and forked tongues to great effect. That bloody red and black colors make it all come together so perfectly…    

6. Morbius: The Living Vampire #1 Variant (Scottie Young)


Morbius #1

  This is a variant cover I actually sought out and spend money on. Scottie Young is a great cover artist who does a fantastic job turning iconic characters into chibis (a cuter word for babies). Morbius looks absolutely adorable sucking a baby bottle with blood inside instead of formula and a “Nap in Peace” tomb stone. This is by far my favorite Scottie Young cover and my favorite cover.  

5. X-Men: Legacy #10 (Michael Del Mundo)

  X-Men Legacy #10   Usually, text is the last thing I want to see on a comic book cover. But Del Mundo’s text is not only a great way to preview what the issue is about, it also adds some humor to the cover. This is a fantastic mock ad and I think it’s the perfect cover for this issue.  

4. Deadpool Killustrated #4 (Michael Del Mundo)


Deadpool Killustrated #4

  Deadpool Killustrated had some amazing covers thanks to the artistic talent of Michael Del Mundo and it was difficult to just pick one, but the final issue won out by a hair. Deadpool burning Sherlock Holmes like an ant with a magnifying glass is the perfect example of how a comic book cover can get a new reader familiar with the personality of a character without having to read a page. That combined with the pretty town in the background and the recognizable Deadpool memorabilia on the floor that Deadpool fans will be quick to recognize make this a memorable and fun comic book cover.    

3. R.I.P.D.: City of the Damned #3 (Dave Wilkins)


R.I.P.D.: City of the Damned #3

  The imagery here is mind-blowingly amazing. Who doesn’t love a flying train with a gothic look to it? Even more beautiful is the background which uses a desert landscape with red, orange, yellow and purple clouds and sky. The scenic background has just a hint of darkness to it that the train from hell helps bring out full force.

2. Fairest #17 (Adam Hughes)


Fairest #17

  Adam Hughes has done many wonderful covers for Fairest (honorable mention goes to Fairest #16). But this imagery is so unique and eye-catching that you hardly even notice the background has no detail. The alligators coming out of this woman’s hair match in color with her hair so well that it really looks like the two elements are one. Her rosy nose and makeup make her seductive and her tattoo is simplistic enough not to draw tension away from her hair but still adds to the overall piece.

1. Revival #16 (Jenny Frison)


Revival #16

  I can feel the chill with this cover’s wonderful use of a misty white snow and light blue water. The expression on Em’s face makes her look dead inside and I like the subtle touch of her fingertips turning bright red.   I hope you’ve enjoyed some of the best covers of 2013. There were some pretty great covers this year. What do you guys think were the best? Let me know in the comments below.


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