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Trailer Tracker: Evil Dead, Carrie and More

No, it’s not 1981, nor is it 1978, but rather the Hollywood remake machine gone classic horror. From New York Comic-Con comes the bootleg trailer for Evil Dead, the update of Sam Raimi’s breakout camp horror classic. We also have the first teaser trailer from Carrie, starring Chloe Grace Moretz as the titular teen with some special powers you don’t want to see on display. 

Then we have the first full-length clip for Jack Reacher starring Tom Cruise which gives us our first hint at what the justice seeking titular character may be up to (aside from general revenge that is). Last off is the slick new trailer for Gangster Squad that proves even though some unfortunately events arise, it doesn’t mean you still don’t have a damn good looking movie on your hands. This is Trailer Tracker.


Evil Dead 

Even though I’m not the biggest fan of Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead (my preference is his second return to the universe, Army of Darkness), it’s impossible not to be irked by the thought of the 1981 classic being remade. The movie-geek loathing is palpable. This first peak courtesy of a sneaky fan at New York Comic-Con is certainly a divergence from Raimi’s works, ditching any hint of camp (though the trademark erratic camera style seems intact) for a journey into psychological, otherworldly terror. There is certainly some rather disturbing imagery on display, particular the final shot of the trailer that features one of the creatures brought to like by the Necronomicon licking a knife. 

What is somewhat odd is the fact Raimi is writing and producing, especially considering the fact he already remade his own film in 1987 with Evil Dead II. The man must really like that cabin. I’m rather on the fence about Evil Dead as I’m both intrigued to see Diablo Cody’s screenplay on display (especially after showing such progression with Young Adult) and what does appear to be an unsettling subject matter yet at the same feel cheated that this is even happening. Plus, is this whole film going to come off as the wrong type of silly after The Cabin in the Woods slapped the genre in the face earlier this year?

Check it out before it gets pulled.


A tease of violent (and fiery) things to come, the upcoming remake of Brian De Palma’s Carrie hints that maybe it’s not just the troubled teen’s high school that goes up in flames. Starring Chloe Grace Moretz as iconic character and Julianne Moore as her mother, what will ultimately decide this update’s success is Pierce’s direction, a woman who took characters in interesting directions with Boys Don’t Cry. If she can infuse this horror film with something more than just cheap scares and showcase the unhinging of Carrie, it could make for compelling stuff. The track record for the genre is, however, not in that particular outcome’s favor.

Jack Reacher 

From the mind of British author Jim Grant (i.e. Lee Child) comes Jack Reacher, a justice-dispensing former military police officer who goes off the grid – until he isn’t. This is the first look we’ve had at this Tom Cruise vehicle that doesn’t rest on a generic title (despite fans of the novels who I’m sure feel it anything but run-of-the-mill) and its A-list star. Jack Reacher actually looks like quite a bit of revenge-driven fun and not afraid to show off some humor either as showcased in the final sequence of this trailer. Jack Reacher lands in theaters in time for Christmas on Dec. 21.

Gangster Squad 

Despite the tragedy in Aurora, Colo. that triggered reshoots and an ultimate delay in the film’s release, Gangster Squad has opted to continue its marketing campaign with a new trailer that manages to blow the last out of the water (quite a feat I must say). This whole movie looks unbelievably slick and Sean Penn gets some more chances to shine in this new clip, dropping what are no doubt going to be some of Gangster Squad’s most quotable and badass one-liners. Now scheduled to blaze into theaters Jan. 11, this crime actioner is certainly set to make the New Year quite a bit more exciting.




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