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Transformers: Age of Extinction Trailer Arrives: Will it be a Franchise Evolution?

t4 Three years after Chicago was ravaged by a giant Decepticon snake, the metallic menaces from outer space are back with the first full length look at Michael Bay’s Transformers: Age of Extinction. In addition to an overhaul in terms of leads (most notably Mark Wahlberg swapped for Shia LaBeouf) this fourth entry in the mega blockbuster franchise introduces fan favourites the DinoBots, but even with this new blood, the question persists: will this FX heavy extravaganza be more of the same from the Emperor of bombastic destruction or can we expect a change of pace for Optimus Prime and Co? One thing certainly remains (enticingly) clear from this Age of Extinction’s trailer, and that is the simple fact the flawless special effects remain intact and as healthy as ever. Despite whatever satisfaction can be gleaned from the humour, scantily clad ladies and geeky nods to the source material the lifeblood of this series has always been the over the top spectacle and few filmmakers deliver on that level like MichaelBay. Be the shots of an invading robot army, more citywide destruction or an Autobot/DinoBot smackdown, the technical prowess on display never ceases to impress. But with three films to the franchises’ name and more and more big budget fare entering theaters ever year, this Transformers entry will need to up its game to stand out when summer 2014 has come and gone. At least in terms of action star pedigree (and with no offense to LaBeouf who I quite enjoy in a number of projects) Wahlberg is a step in the right direction, at the very least bringing a physical presence which can stand up to the macho machines swirling about. Of course don’t expect Mr. Funky Bunch to throw down with a Transformer but with an added human threat to the Autobots (which resembles a bit of an extermination, care of some new fandagled weaponry) having an action star to do his fair part alongside the bots is sound. Aside from the obvious cast substitutes and introduction to a new breed of Transformer, there isn’t a great deal we can glean from this trailer in terms of overall plot, but it would appear to be the old “we don’t need you, oh crap now we need you” sort of approach. But if the dynamics between human and robot (good and villainous on either side I would suspect) can freshen up the formula while delivering on the action than this fourth entry has a good chance of succeeding on a popcorn level. And let’s be honest, regardless, it’s going to make a crap load of money. Check out the trailer below and let us know your thoughts on the arrival of the DinoBots.


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