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Trials Fusion Debuts Series On Playstation

Announced by developer RedLynx today, the motorcross series Trials is finally coming to the Playstation platform via the upcoming latest addition, Trials Fusion. Initially released for the Windows platform on PC and Xbox 360 across four titles, Trials Fusion will release for both next-generation consoles.
Releasing on April 16th, Trials Fusion features a new physics system that will allow your motorcross riders to execute tremendous tricks, many of which are inspired by motocross freestyle maneuvers. RedLynx and Ubisoft are also sponsoring a track creation contest in which eight finalists will be selected to travel out to Boston for PAX East to meet the RedLynx team and gets hands on with Trials Fusion shortly before release. Submissions for the contest close on March 13th with the finalists being announced five days later.


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