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True Blood: A Look Back at Season Five

It has been several months since we last spent time with our favorite supernatural residents of Louisiana, and, as HBO loves to remind us, waiting sucks. With True Blood set to return for its sixth season on June 16, let’s take a few moments to refresh our memories as to where all the vampires, werewolves, and fairies (oh my!) ended up last season (because let’s be honest, all we really remember is the terror of seeing a naked Stephen Moyer covered in blood and growling).


The Humans:

Things were once again pretty complicated for Sookie in season five, although not from a romantic perspective this time. Season five saw Sookie focus on dealing with her own family past and her always-present struggle to survive in the supernatural world. Sookie’s main focus throughout the fifth season was on staying alive, as she faced threats from a newly freed Russell Edgington, the powerful Vampire Authority, and the werewolves who thought she might have something to do with the disappearance of Debbie Pelt (whom she shot and killed at the end of season four). As is so often the case, Sookie ended season five facing danger, this time in the form of a newly resurrected Bill - who appeared to have merged with the vampire god Lilith to create “Billith.”

Jason broke things off Jessica, and began to spiral out of control, focusing on trying to solve his parents’ mysterious death at the hands of an unknown vampire (the mysterious Warlow, who I hope we finally meet this season). This new Jason sees nothing wrong with killing as many vampires as possible, particularly if it means protecting Sookie. Jason also spent some time with his fairy relatives (although it appears that, unlike Sookie, Jason is not part fairy), who aided him in trying to piece together the clues regarding his parents and Warlow. When we last saw Jason, he, along with several of our main characters, was attempting to escape the massacre at the Vampire Authority headquarters.

As for the rest of the humans, Lafayette discovered he might have some mystical powers of his own, but the true nature of those powers remains a mystery. Andy finally found love, but also found out that he is the father of four half-fairy babies. Hoyt, in perhaps the season’s saddest story arc, was voluntarily glamoured by Jessica, forgetting all about her and Jason, before leaving Bon Temps for Alaska. And Terry battled what appeared to be the smoke monster from Lost, in what had to be the worst storyline of season five.

Terry and the Smoke Monster

The Fairies:

It turns out that not only are fairies super tasty to vampires, but they also have managed to hide themselves from vampires in a crazy alternative dimension. Unfortunately for the fairies, Russell managed to find the opening to the other world, and killed the elder fairy, leaving the fairies defenseless against the world’s vampires. Season five also marked the introduction of Sookie and Jason’s fairy cousin Claude, who has been tasked with helping Sookie discover the fairy side of herself - as well as aiding both Stackhouses in solving their parents’ murder.

The Werewolves/Shifters:

Alicide got so close to finally hooking up with Sookie in season five, only to be interrupted by Eric and Bill (and Sookie being unable to hold her liquor and vomiting all over him). Recognizing that perhaps getting embroiled in all of Sookie’s vampire issues once again might not be the best life choice, Alicide returned to Shreveport and to his former pack.  Worried by the treatment of pack members by the pack’s new leader J.D. (particularly their new alliance with Russell and their use of V), Alcide challenged J.D. for control (which in the werewolf world means a fight to the death). Alcide emerged victorious (thanks to receiving V from his father) and becomes the new pack leader, but his ascent angers those in the pack addicted to V and causes a schism.

Sam and his shifter girlfriend Luna had a rough road in season five, as Luna’s daughter (who has recently begun shifting into a werewolf) was kidnapped by Russell (as a gift for the newly out and vampirized Steven Newland), and the Shreveport pack accused Sam of killing the pack’s former leader (and Luna’s ex). In order to save little Emma from Russell, Sam and Luna infiltrated the Vampire Authority, only to be captured and imprisoned. When we last saw the pair, Luna was feeling the damaging effects of “skinwalking” as Steve (during which she exposed the Vampire Authority for what it truly is on national television) and they are attempting to escape with Emma in tow.

Luna and Sam


The fifth season showed us the political side of the vampire world, introducing us to the Vampire Authority and their strange religious fascination with the “first vampire” Lilith (whose blood they repeatedly drink - creating a psychotropic response). The Authority was a panel of powerful vampires who were responsible for managing the vampire “message” and making alliances with the US government. One of the Authority members turned out to be Nora, Eric’s “sister,” with whom he has twisted and very un-brotherly relationship.

Eric and Bill were captured by the Authority, and pretended to accept the teachings of Lilith in exchange for not being executed. While Eric’s conversion was in word only, Bill slowly became a true disciple, getting sucked into the lure of power.

While Eric and Bill were dealing with the Authority, Pam had her hands full teaching newly turned Tara how to live as a vampire. After an antagonistic beginning, the two began to work together, eventually giving into their growing attraction to each other.

Pam and Tara

Jessica, having broken up with Jason, began trying to find her way in the world. However, without Bill’s guidance, she had a difficult time navigating life as an adolescent vampire.

In between infiltrating the Authority and meeting with his "sister" after decades of separation, Eric managed to find the time to kill Russell once and for all, saving Sookie's life in the process.

By the season’s finale, all of our favorite vampires were trapped in the Vampire Authority headquarters, fighting to escape the massacre within. In perhaps the most traumatic moment of the season, Bill, drunk on power and religion, drank the entirety of “Lilith’s blood,” causing him to disintegrate into a pile of blood, only to rise from the “dead” moments later covered in blood. The final scene of season five saw Eric and Sookie witnessing this horrific transformation and Eric turning to a shocked Sookie and telling her to run.

As for what’s to come in season six, it’s anyone’s guess. With the vampires exposed and under attack from humans, things are certainly looking grim. I do think I can safely predict a significant amount of blood, sex, and supernatural beings. And perhaps a romance or two for Sookie. But I have a strong feeling that Billith may officially be out of the running for the role of Sookie’s paramour. To get completely ready for season six, check out the official trailer below.


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