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True Blood – “Karma” Review: Setting the Stage for the Final Episodes

"Karma" is certainly a fitting title for True Blood's sixth episode, as two long running characters appear to get what they deserve, while others face consequences for their more immediate actions. Now, I've made no secret of my dislike of Bill as a character- mostly due to the writers' continued belief that they can turn the character into a pariah and then simply gloss over the change the following season- but I have to admit feeling a sense of smug happiness at seeing his case of Hep V advancing at an insane rate (I assume this is due to the fae properties in Sookie's blood). Sure, I have every confidence the show will save him from the brink of death, right after he confesses his love to Sookie, because lord knows the writers' also have the firm conviction that Bill and Sookie are star crossed lovers who must end up together (in my version of the perfect ending, Sookie ends up on her own and decides she needs time to grow up). But I will certainly enjoy these few weeks wherein Bill is suffering and getting what he deserves for all the awful things he has done through the past several seasons (how is Jason the only one to point out that Bill was a psychotic god only six months ago?). On the other end of the karma scale, we have Sarah Newlin, who (deus ex machina alert) took the time, while fleeing from a prison full of rampaging vampires, to drink down the antidote to Hep V. I certainly hope Amber drained her dry, because Sarah deserves to sacrifice herself to save a vampire. Although, that does leave me worried that poor Amber will now have to be sacrificed to save the rest of the vampires, and I'm really enjoying her. Looking on the bright side of things, this means that Eric is certainly saved, which is lovely news. More time for Eric and Pam quips is never a bad thing. But it does lessen the stakes (no pun intended) for the remaining four episodes if the Hep V crisis is all but solved.  One episode of the various characters wrapping up their storylines and reaching end points is fine- two or three episodes is overkill. True Blood 5 While I enjoyed those two major karma-themed developments, I was less enthused by other aspects of the episode. As amusing as Holly and Andy are when the fight (and step-siblings hooking up is indeed an issue that should be dealt with sooner rather than later), I'm not all that invested in whatever Violet is planning for poor Adilyn and Holly's son. I suspect I will become much more invested in whatever she does as soon as it triggers Jessica to rush off and save Adilyn (although, how Violet knows Jessica is connected to Adilyn is beyond me). Finally, the search for Tara remains a convoluted storyline without much forward motion. Had we been given more time to get to know Lettie Mae as someone other than Tara's abusive alcoholic mother perhaps caring about her desire to find out Tara's message would be more intriguing. Unfortunately, even with Lafayette joining the mission, it just isn't interesting enough for me to keep focused on all that is happening with it. I also can't quite understand why Lettie Mae is so obsessed with figuring out what Tara is doing. She seem perfectly fine in this mystical afterlife, so why continue to go on V trips to discover what she's digging for? I guess everyone needs something to do, but I had hoped for more for Lafayette than getting caught up in this nonsense. True Blood 4 Final Thoughts -- So Nicole thinks Bon Temps is the capital of crazy (she's certainly right) and now wants Sam to bail on his home. While I've never liked Nicole, how quickly she forgets that she came to Bon Temps in search of the supernatural. She knew this place was insane and has known it for a while. Pretty strange that she suddenly wants to leave now- although I certainly wouldn't shed a tear over her departure. -- As much as Bill annoys me, I was happy to see him stick it to the corrupt lawyer. I guess he sometimes does do the right thing.
  • Interesting development with the Hep V cure
  • Glad to see Bill facing his mortality
  • Potential for the stories to wrap up too early
  • Not enough character development to raise the stakes with the supporting characters


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