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Two-Face is Coming to Fox’s Gotham

"Heads or tails for Nicholas D’Agosto?"
Two-Face meet Gotham, Gotham meet Two-Face. Another addition to the nemesis family has been revealed. But considering Bruce Wayne hasn't hit puberty yet, Two-Face is still not his nemesis so for now he will be Assistant District Attorney Harvey Dent. gotham-twoface-revealed-03 Like James Gordon, Dent is also on a mission to liberate Gotham from its criminals. Playing this future Two-Face is Masters of Sex star Nicholas D’Agosto. The 34-year-old actor will be putting away his doctor’s lab coat and settling into a lawyer’s suit. His character Harvey Dent will appear in the upcoming episodes of season one and a possibility of returning for season two. It is only a matter of time until Fox’s Gotham unravels Harvey Dent’s twisted outcome.


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