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Ty Burrell Joins ‘The Muppets 2’ in Place of Christoph Waltz

Emmy winner Ty Burrell, popular actor of ABC’s Modern Family, has joined the cast of Disney’s sequel to its successful reboot of The Muppets. Burrell will play one of the lead (human) roles of the film, as an Interpol agent who joins up with Kermit and the gang. The part was previously expected to be going to Christoph Waltz but conflicted with the Austrian actor’s schedule.

While it’s a bit of a disappointment that we won’t be getting a meeting between Rizzo the Rat and Col. Landa after all, Burrell certainly has his own impressive comedic chops to bring to The Muppets 2. Moreover, he’s quite familiar with lending some modern spark to classic kids’ properties, as he just finished voicing the lead role of Mr. Peabody in Dreamworks’ Peabody & Sherman, based on the characters from the 1950s Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon. Plus, as always, a new Muppet movie is sure to have plenty of cameos from other star comedians for Burrell to play off.

Most of the behind-the-camera talent from the first film will be returning, with director James Bobin set to repeat as director and co-write the screenplay with Nicholas Stoller. Original stars Jason Segel and Amy Adams will not return.

Joining a successful, proven property like the Muppets could help Burrell make the leap from TV to film, if he so desires, but realistically everyone’s probably just hoping that the Bobin-Stoller team can build on the 2011 reboot as Jim Henson’s creations continue their mainstream comeback.


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