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U2 Makes Their Rhythm Game Debut in Rock Band 4

"It's a beautiful day for U2 fans"
Harmonix announced this morning that one of the most legendary bands is finally making their debut in a rhythm game. Surprisingly it's U2 and they'll have two songs on the disc version of Rock Band 4. The songs are "I Will Follow" from their debut album Boy and "Cedarwood Road" from their most recent album that nearly everyone had thanks to Apple.

Hopefully this opens the doors for more U2 songs as Rock Band 4 DLC in the future. You could make the case that they deserve their own game due to their legendary catalog of songs, but not sure something like The Beatles: Rock Band would fly in store shelves these days. Sure, the Beatles game was still great, but we gotta see if this rhythm game resurgence is real this holiday season.
Rock Band 4 is out on October 6th for Playstation 4 and Xbox One (that's next week!).


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