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Ubisoft Delays Rayman Legends to Q1 2013

Ubisoft has announced that Rayman Legends will not make the Wii U's November launch window and it is now delayed to Q1 2013 worldwide. The publisher's main reason for the delay is so that the developers can have more time making the game so it can exceed not only their own, but also fans' expectations.The latest entry of the beloved franchise continues the co-op route seen in last year's Rayman Origins, but now with Wii U gamepad controls. This was also one of the Wii U's big exclusive third-party games that had leaked footage showcasing the new controls before its E3 appearance.

Origins was a critical hit last year bringing Rayman back to his 2D roots along with stylish, cartoony graphics. It was also one of the best platformers out this console generation and Legends looks to improve on what didn't work last time. In addition, this sequel hopes to provide an unique experience that is worthy of being a Wii U exclusive rather than release it on other platforms. Rayman Legends is now slated to come out in Q1 2013 only for the Wii U.


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