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Ultra Street Fighter II Releases on May 26th

"Street Fighter's debut on the Switch is a new take on a classic on May"
Capcom announced the release date for Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers earlier today for the Nintendo Switch. The franchise's debut on Nintendo's newest console comes out on May 26th for $39.99. From the January announcement, Ultra SFII is gonna be the "last" iteration for Street Fighter II with two new characters. Evil Ryu and Violent Ken join the cast alongside the roster that appeared in Super Turbo. Players can choose from the original 2D sprites (the better look personally) or the HD Remix art during gameplay. Along with online versus play, dramatic battle is a first for this line of Street Fighter games, which made it's debut in the Alpha series. There is also a separate motion control mode using SFIV assets that has Ryu throwing hadoukens at Shadaloo soldiers. The price point may seem a bit too much considering it's another update to Street Fighter II. Capcom is looking to have enough content to live up to it. Plus paying for better controllers because the JoyCons are gonna be bad for this is gonna be an investment. Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers comes out on May 26th on the Nintendo Switch for $39.99.


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