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Underdog Shows Worth Watching – Horror Edition

"Horror's outcasts might surprise you. "
The horror genre has taken off on television. Shows such as The Walking Dead with five seasons, American Horror Story with four seasons, The Strain with their first season, Supernatural that recently premiered their tenth season, and many others have embodied the horror that many wait for all year. These shows are either rising to popularity or already big hits, but there are many other shows in the horror genre that are worth watching, even with Halloween now gone. It depends on your scare meter, but I will label these shows as not very scary, and it will be their storylines that entrap you.   Penny Dreadful (Showtime) Halloween-show-01 The three classic and most epic monsters in horror history are brought into one show: Penny Dreadful. Gothic creatures which include Dracula, the Werewolf, and Frankenstein’s monster slowly emerge and don’t disappoint. The gory, drama and mystery are beautifully mixed to keep the watcher hooked. The show stars Josh Hartnett as Ethan Chandler, Eva Green as Vanessa Ives, Harry Treadaway as Dr. Victor Frankenstein and Timothy Dalton playing the heartbroken father Sir Malcolm Murray. In search for Mina Harker, the team has to defeat Dracula’s vampire minions. But vampires aren’t the only thing that go bump in the night in this show. Vanessa Ives (Green) being one of those things as she quickly turns wicked and creepy while battling her inner demons. Her ability to see the unknown takes psychics and mediums to a frightening level. The mystery of the show is their strong suit. The team’s duty of figuring out what happened to Mina or where Dracula has her hidden is only the surface. Every member of the team is dealing with the demons or monsters of their past and in so creating another layer of mystery. Although when they do deal with their monsters, things in Penny Dreadful turn gory and dangerous. Season one ended in June and season two will premiere sometime in 2015.   Salem (WGN America) Halloween-show-02 In the romantic side of horror shows is Salem, but don’t deem it purely romantic as this show has its creepy factor as well. Joining illusion and reality, the show brings out the scariness that our minds repress. While exploring witchcraft and possession, the show redefines the shadows that have haunted us during bedtime. Set in 17th century in Massachusetts, the show uses the history of Salem’s witch trials and gives it its own twist. In this romantic tale Mary Sibley, after losing her love, makes a deal with the devil and uses her witch powers to turn the town of Salem upside down. Manipulating the fears and paranoia of the town, Sibley and her coven set forth their master plan. The show is overwhelmed with creepy crawling familiars, beautiful witches, ugly manifestations and torturous trials. Everything you might want in a witch show. Janet Montgomery beautifully brings Mary Sibley to life as she is both conflicted and maleficent. The rage and human affection moves the storyline forward. Betrayal from every character, loss of loved ones and the vengeance is what dwells inside Salem. Religion being the core reason of the growth of vengeance brought the birth of the coven. But, in the middle of all that hate there are still lovable characters. Characters from both the good and the bad side will have you cheering for them to succeed. (Spoiler alert!) So, no matter how many frogs or spiders or snakes these characters shove down someone’s throat, you will still wish they can get away with it. The show aired its first episode in April and has been renewed for a second season.   Z Nation (Syfy) Halloween-show-03 Yes, it isn’t The Walking Dead but it is another zombie show. This is a good show for zombie fans that can look pass the low-budget exterior. In a quick description, Z Nation takes place years after the outbreak and the show begins with a cure already discovered. The mission of the remaining survivors is to get the cure to California in hopes of re-establishing the world. In a scale of fantastic to horrific, the acting is near horrific, but it is ok enough for the watcher to get into the storyline of the show. A few of the characters might even win sympathy. It is apparent the show tries to distance itself from The Walking Dead and one major difference is while the world is in chaos there is still order the survivors abide by. Z nation is the common nerd trying to escape the shadow of the most popular kid in school which is The Walking Dead. The next adventure and curiosity keeps the show going. In their long travel from New York to California there are obstacles they are bound to come across. Weather and looters are only the surface of their problems, since their emotions for each other cause more obstacles. The cure which runs through the veins of Murphy (Keith Allan) has brought hope even with his rude ways and crude comments. But, Murphy looks to be a ticking time bomb and there is no telling what state they will be in once they make it to California. Z Nation is on every Friday at 10/9c. Give the goth (Penny Dreadful), the emo (Salem) and the nerd a chance. These shows might surprise you.


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