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Wachowski’s looking into another Matrix Trilogy

Latino Review has a few rumors running around that the Wachowski's are looking into doing another entry into The Matrix universe. Currently in the midst of their latest sci-fi venture, Jupiter Ascending, the rumor states that they've turned in some treatments and outlines for the new trilogy to Warner Bros.   The Matrix_01   The Matrix films have a rich universe and one that the Wachowski's have explored through animation, comic books, video games and more. While they've made incredible films like Cloud Atlas and Speed Racer, none have turned enough profit as much as The Matrix franchise has. Supposedly Warner Bros. is looking to place this within their calendar of 2017, in order to compete with both the Star Wars and Avatar sequels. Even though they haven't had such a huge hit since the release of the last Matrix film, The Matrix Revolutions, in 2003, the Wachowsk's made strides in both the box office and utilizing the power of cross media, in order to create a science fiction property that has endured recent cinematic history. Do you think its worth the Wachowski's to revisit the world of The Matrix? Should they be prequels in order to explore the creation of the universe that we know of from the previous trilogy? Feel free to let us know in the comments below or our forums!  


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