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Want to Earn a Quick $20? Spend $100 with This PSN Promotion

Want to partake in ANOTHER promotion and get the most out bang for your buck with your PlayStation 3 this month? If you spend $100 or more on the PlayStation Store this month (it’s October, guys!), then the good men and women at Sony will give you a $20 voucher in your wallet to spend in November. Awesome. Since this is a store-wide promotion, anything you purchase will count towards the grand total, but it’s also limited to the FIRST $100. You can’t keep earning $20 by spending hundreds of dollars.

$20 voucher

Since there are other promotions, programs, and deals going on, finding a way to spend $100 should not be too hard. The
PSN Day 1 Digital program is a great place to begin looking. Alongside the Day 1 Digital program is the PS3 essentials program, which offers bargain bin prices on older titles. Oh, yeah, and PlayStation Plus members should not find it hard to spend money on digital games, especially when titles are 10% off for those who pay the fee.

In November the credit will be emailed to qualifying users, as well as sent to you in an XMB message if you are on your PlayStation 3.


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