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Warner Brothers want Christopher Nolan to direct ‘Ready Player One’

"Will the Dark Knight director make a gaming movie?"
Writer/director Christopher Nolan is a fan favorite's, with movies like Inception, Interstellar and of course The Dark Knight Trilogy in his filmography. Interstellar is currently a hit in theaters making nearly $545 Million worldwide so far. Nolan has made most of his movies with Warner Brothers and The Tracking Board has broken the news that the studio wants him to direct an adaptation of Ready Player One. Ready Player One is a critically acclaimed sci-fi novel by Ernest Cline which was published in 2011 and won a number of awards. Set in 2044 Ready Player One tells the story of a young boy who competes in a competition in the virtual reality game Oasis and puts his knowledge of 80s gaming culture to good use. [caption id="attachment_62415" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Film vs Digital (AP Images /Darla Khazei)[/caption] Cline wrote the original screenplay draft with writer Eric Eason. The current has been written by Zak Penn whose previous credits include X-Men: The Last Stand, The Incredible Hulk and The Avengers. Fans are always excited to see what project Nolan gets involved in. Even if Nolan does not take the job, fans of the novel can at least take comfort that Warner Brothers is looking for a big name director for the adaptation.


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