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Watch Out on Halloween Eve!

One of the best things about Image Comics is that they have a lot more genres of comics than the Big Two, usually found focusing on Super Heroes.  Case in point, the one-shot Halloween Eve coming out this October.  It’s a 40 page story about Eve, a woman working at a Halloween store like the ones that pop up in the mall every year.  She’s a bored clerk, but she has an active imagination.  Unfortunately, her imagination starts to make the costumes in the store come to life.

The concept comes from Amy Reeder, who worked on Batwoman and Madame Xanadu, and is doing art duties as well.  The story is written by Brandon Montclare, the writer behind Fear Itself: Fearsome Four.  After they raised enough money for the via a Kickstarter project they decided to publish at Image Comics.  

In the press release both tout the advantages of working at Image:

"Halloween Eve will break your heart and blow you away!" said Reeder. "I am so excited to be creating my own characters and story, and I'm glad it's in the hands of what has lately felt like creator-owned central, Image Comics.”

"Working with Amy Reeder to co-create Halloween Eve was already almost too good to be true," added Montclare. "Being at Image—without a doubt the place-to-be for creator-owned comics—is unbelievable.”

Look for it in your comic book store this October.


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