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What’s Coming Your Way on Free Comic Book Day

The first Saturday of May brings with it a magical event designed to both introduce people to the medium and to appease that miser on top of the hill who loves his "funny books" but refuses to spend even a single red cent on them. It's called Free Comic Day and on it, as the detectives among you have already surmised, stores give out free comic books.

Free Comic Book Day Logo

Various companies supply certain titles, sometimes first issues, sometimes promotional runs, that are completely free. They're meant to get people into comics and/or drum up interest in an upcoming title. It's a realitively new tradition that has been going strong for years.

So to whet your appetite, to pique your interest, to rev your proverbial engine here are a just few titles that'll be up for grabs this Saturday:

Superman Special Edition
A special edition comic that features the first chapter of Superman: Last Son of Krypton, a story by Richard Donner (yes, the amazing director of 1.5 good Superman movies) and Geoff Johns. BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! You also get a peek at the upcoming Superman book drawn by legend Jim Lee and written by DC golden child Scott Snyder.

Superman Cover


Tying into Jonathan Hickman's fantastic Avengers run, this issue previews the upcoming limited series Infinity that sees the big bad return of Thanos. Because of the Avengers twist? Probably. However, if Hickman's attached, it's worth checking out. 

Infinity Cover

Buck Rogers
Are you a fan of old Sunday strip comics and classic sci-fi? Are you a time traveler from the 1930s stranded in our decade who's confused and frieghtened by our big glossy comics? GOOD NEWS! Hermes Press is reprinting two full stories in one convient book, and they're all for free so you don't have to worry about procuring any of our strange, newfangled future money. 

Buck Rogers Cover

DC Nation Super Sampler #1

Still bummed Young Justice and Green Lantern the Animated Series were cancelled for shows like Teen Titans GO! and Beware the Batman? Well grab a copy of the DC Nation Super Sampler and you'll finally have something to mop up those bitter, bitter tears with.

DC Nation Super Sampler (Not a meal)

Worlds of Aspen

We both know why you're getting this.

Worlds of Aspen

Judge Dredd Classics

A part of IDW's effort to reprint past Judge Dredd runs in glorious new color, this free issue sees the redone, reprinted introduction of Judge Death. Plus it's really, really violent.

Judge Death COVAH

Action Time Buddies


Action Time Buddies

Again, these are but a few free comics you can find this coming Saturday. For the full list of titles, check out the official website here. However, not every comic book store is participating, maybe because they were bitten by a radioactive frown, so you'll want to hit up their store locator there on the side.

Go, dear readers, go out, have fun, and pick yourself up some free comic books.


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