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What’s the Deal with Marvel’s Most Wanted?

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, a mostly-okay TV show that dabbles perhaps a little too lightly in its source material, is currently moving into its third season. I enjoy it, as do the dozen or so other people who watch it. However, due to its perpetual lukewarm ratings I was surprised to learn ABC is close to ordering a pilot for a spin-off show Marvel's Most Wanted. This particular spin-off would focus on Mockingbird and her in-show love interest/Handsome-Man-Name-Generator-Result Lance Hunter. Outside of that, details are pretty scarce. Keep in mind, however, this is actually the second spin-off. Agent Carter was a mid-season spin-off that was received with a resounding "okay". Which makes me wonder, as you may have already guessed, what's the deal with Most Wanted? [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="345"] More chances to not wear the suit?![/caption] I mean, first off, what could it possibly revolve around? Bobbi and Lance are an extra-special SHIELD Agent and mercenary respectively, so I assume the same kind of action-based semi-espionage format.  The title alludes to either their status as fugitives or criminals they're tasked to bring in. The first possibility is a bit of stretch as of right now. The second season of SHIELD ended with Bobbi and Lance (Bobance) in good standing with the current SHIELD establishment. Which leads me to believe they're hunting down a list/vague concept of especially dangerous super-criminals. Which leads me to my next question: WHY? That's pretty much the plot of Agents of SHIELD minus the Inhumans business. Even if Most Wanted is "a new take that focuses on the same duo and their continuing adventures", why do the same show twice, just a little bit different? At least Agent Carter dealt with a unique angle, the forming of SHIELD. It was something talked about across the entire MCU, but not really explored. For all its little issues, it was at least something different. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="629"] VISUAL REPRESENTATION[/caption] My only hope is that Most Wanted delves more into the comics (though I keep repeating this sentiment and it continues to not happen). Agents of SHIELD can keep its Hydra, Inhumans, and forced attempts to make Skye funny. Most Wanted can get into the monsters, the mad scientists, and all the weird c-and-d-level villains a Marvel TV show desperately needs. Of course, the answer to most of my questions is money. I assume, since this spin-off was shot down earlier in the year only to be resurrected just last week, producers may have their eye catching up with competition like The Flash and Gotham who are now starting to delve more into their comic book backgrounds. Which is like, I guess. Money as a motivation isn't a guarantee for a bad product. It's just that, as I and many other people have said, comic book burnout is right around the corner. Variety is the only thing that can combat that. Having three shows on a single network that are kinda the same doesn't really speak to variety. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="492"] Sif will also appears in all three[/caption] Now again, it's really early to comment on the show in any real way at this point. While it made sense to me when they first passed on the spin-off, who knows? Maybe it'll turn out to be an awesome show and an even bigger hit. What do I know?


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