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Wheels of Destruction coming to PSN

In the wake of Twisted Metal we now have the first decent looking independent car combat game on its way, and this one is exclusive to PlayStation Network.

Not to say their haven’t been some good car combat games over the last few years but I feel as though now that the car combat game has finally had its modern release this will inspire more experienced developers; both big and small, to take a shot at the genre again and as a long-time fan of blowing things up with machine guns mounted on sports cars I can only hope this trend does indeed return.

Utilizing Unreal Engine3, Gelid Games have developed what looks to be quite a fun take on what the likes of Twisted Metal and Carmageddon started generations ago, surprising given the engines reputation for struggling with games that demand high frame rates. 

Lead Designer Kerim Borchaev stated in his post on the PlayStation Blog:

“We spent a lot of time thinking about how to make a game that was accessible yet deadly competitive. What we conceived became an arcade-style death pit of a car combat game, yet with precise control. This allowed us to build a game that was, as many state, “easy to learn, hard to master.” The game plays blazingly fast and allows players to shoot accurately using a unique control scheme built around controlling the vehicle with a single analog stick. The resulting dynamical combat is something we haven’t seen on PS3 before.” 

Wheels of Destruction hasn’t been given a date yet but Gelid Games say to expect it to arrive on PSN not long from now.


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