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Will Yun Lee is The Silver Samurai in ‘Wolverine’

Little seems to have happened with The Wolverine since James Mangold signed on to direct, and as the film prepares for production in order to meet its July 2013 release, we've yet to hear of any key casting decisions. Finally, we've learned of five new actors who have taken major roles in the project.

Variety reports that Will Yun Lee will star as Kenuichio Harada, better known as The Silver Samurai. The actor is no stranger to villainous roles, as he plays the antagonists in the upcoming Total Recall and Red Dawn remakes. Lee also stars as the antagonist in the upcoming 3D musical-dance flick Cobu 3D alongside Dancing with the Stars’ Derek Hough.

In addition to Lee’s casting, Coming Soon reports several Japanese actors joining The Wolverine. Hal Yamanouchi (Push) and Hiroyuki Sanada (LOST) as well as newcomers Rila Fukushima and Tao Okamoto will play the following characters based on details from The Playlist:

“Sanada has nabbed the role of Shingen, a Yakuza boss who is the father of Mariko (Okamoto), and forces her to marry another criminal boss, even though she is romantically involved with Wolverine. Shingen then challenges Wolverine to a duel, has him drugged by his assassin Yukio (Fukushima) and nearly kills him. As for Yamanouchi, he'll be playing the vaguely named Yashida, who we presume is part of Shingen's Clan Yashida crime family in some capacity.”

Shooting for The Wolverine begins in Australia next month, and the film is scheduled to arrive in theaters on July 26, 2013.


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