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Wolfenstein: The New Order Now Out in May, Next Doom Beta as Pre-Order Bonus

In a vague and teasing fashion Bethesda announced today that those whom pre-order their upcoming shooter, Wolfenstein: The New Order, will have access to a beta client for the highly anticipated and long delayed next installment in the Doom series. Unfortunately that's the extent of information Bethesda has released regarding this mystery beta for what is expected to be Doom 4.
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Luckily for those seeking a bit more substance on the matter before pre-ordering the ninth game in the Wolfenstein series, Bethesda has set up a FAQ page on the Wolfenstein: The New Order website that should keep their customer service representatives from being inundated by curious customers.
At the very least we can report that a beta code along with instructions for registration will ship inside the packaging of the pre-ordered units for the new Wolfenstein. Which means don't expect a beta period for the upcoming Doom until after May 20th for North America and May 23rd for Europe when Wolfenstein officially releases. On top of that tenative date, don't expect to fore-go Wolfenstein: The New Order to play the Doom beta as Bethesda has not indicated an official date for the beta launch. Instead, pre-ordering the upcoming Wolfenstein gives you the means to register for the beta period, not access to the client itself. And if that isn't a teaser enough, beware that Bethesda has stated platform restrictions will apply to the beta; without stating which platforms the beta will be available on.
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Though Wolfensten: The New Order will release on both the current and previous generation consoles, along with PC; there is no guarantee the beta for the next Doom will follow suit.  Since there are three months yet to pass before pre-ordering Wolfenstein: The New Order will no longer be possible, those itching for a preview of the next Doom will want to consider waiting for additional information from Bethesda before snagging a pre-ordered copy of the new Wolfenstein.


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