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Wonder Woman Costume Details for ‘Dawn of Justice’

According to an exclusive from JoBlo.com, Wonder Woman's costume in Batman vs. Superman:  Dawn of Justice will be ripped straight from the comic books. Wonder Woman Speculation and rumors were that Wonder Woman would be featuring her long jacket and leggings from the 'New 52' comic book revamp series. However, according to their source, she will be sporting the classic look from the original comic books. Although the costume will be more "battle ready", we can expect a very recognizable Wonder Woman. The costume for Batman vs. Superman will feature a blue leather skirt, and a variation of the classic armored red top. She will be sporting silver metal cuffs that extend to the elbows and a golden tiara -- no word yet on whether it will have the classic "Red Star". Their source also claims that she will have access to four weapons: her iconic 'golden lasso', a shield, a sword and a spear. Only a few details regarding her role in the movie were released, but it looks like she will be introduced as 'Diana' and her origin will remain murky. She will also play a role in the final "battle" with the as-of-yet unnamed villain, which bodes well for the amount of screen time she will be given. Along with Aquaman, she will serve as an acknowledgement "that there are other superheroes in the universe other than Superman". With the amount of hype and high-expectations surrounding this film, there are surely many more rumors and exclusives yet to come. Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice hit theaters on May 6, 2016.


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