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Xbox One Major Update Coming Just In Time For Titanfall

Microsoft is putting the petal to the metal, working hard to push out a huge system update before their flagship multiplayer game, Titanfall, releases on March 11th. Microsoft has received some much heated criticisms about how the friend and party systems function within the Xbox One, and these claims are certainly not without merit.
The fixes in the update include the speed at which you can open your friends list, how party chat works, and even how to invite friends to a game. In summary, it seems like they are doing all they can to revert the new friends list to how it works on the 360, which worked pretty efficiently. The overhaul is a much needed improvement and hopefully will make creating a party and playing with friends much more enjoyable and easier.
As I mentioned before, this large update for the Xbox One is scheduled to release just before Titanfall, but you can expect to see a much smaller scale update that will include a battery indicator for controllers and storage management coming later this week. For more news and updates, be sure to stay tuned to Entertainment Fuse.


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